About Our Shop

We work to be different and unique for those who want something enviable.
— Jeff Duke

Jeff Duke is a local portrait artist and drawing teacher who has studied privately with nationally known artists and continues to keep in touch with them. Creating portraits of people and animals has been a passion for Jeff from his earliest memories. He has also been interpreting his faith and spirituality with his paintings. 

Jeff, a United Methodist minister, and his wife Barbara have one son, Josh, hence the name, JBJ Creations.

Every piece of art is conceived with the ideal that it would be unique. Jeff wants people to come into your home and say, "Where did you get that, I haven't seen it before!" instead of "I've seen that picture in restaurants and five of my friends have one."

Jeff, and his wife Barbara, have been licensed artist's with LSU since 2001. Jeff was one of ten artists accepted to produce artwork for the 2003 National Championship team. They have also been licensed with Southern University, Southeastern Louisiana University, and Southern Mississippi.